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Shelley maintains a fun and creative learning environment through encouraging everyone to find his or her own voice. She is dynamic, supportive and honest. I thoroughly enjoyed the training and would highly recommend taking the course with her.

Nicole L. November 28, 2013

Shelley provided me with top-notch training as a voice actor. Her years in the business have given her a deep grounding in the methods and principles required to become a success in this competitive field, and she can pass this knowledge on in an engaging way.

Timothy B. November 28, 2013

This class was exactly what I had been looking for; an understanding of and practical instruction in voice work. The course gave me the introduction to and guidance on how to pursue voice work. I also feel Shelley really cares about her students and genuinely enjoys teaching.

Course Evaluation November 28, 2013

Shelley is great to work with and never has let us down. She is a terrific voice coach, extremely dedicated and is able to easily share her experience, knowledge and skills.

Client November 28, 2013

Shelley Cohen has to be one of the top voice over talents we have had the pleasure of working with over all the years COHM Inc. has been in business. Her knowledge and expertise in the industry makes Shelley an essential part of our team.

Brittany Lauzon November 28, 2013

It’s great learning from a professional in a local market.  Bringing in working talent inspires me to keep pursuing my dream. I like that Shelley doesn’t pull punches whether she is talking about the business side, or talking about technique and approach.

Dave M. – Student, Fall 2016 November 18, 2016