Hi!  I’m Shelley Arron-Cohen

Voice Actor/Trainer and Coach

For the best-sounding YOU!


Becoming a Voice Actor is a 14-week, in-studio course offered in the spring and fall in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada that covers the basics of voice acting and getting voice work.


Shelley customizes coaching to your needs depending on what you wish to achieve.

Have you ever been told or think you have a great voice?

That’s not all you need!  After all, voice acting is a business and it takes much more than great pipes to become good at it.  Wouldn’t you like to know if you are suited to the Voice Over business? 

Take this survey and get the FREE e-book report to see if you have what it takes and learn what you must do if you want to reach your dream of becoming a Voice Actor. 

Take the survey

Don’t wait any longer to start your dream of becoming a Voice Actor!  Contact Shelley now!

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