Nicole L.
Shelley brings many years of professional voiceover experience to her teachings in the Becoming a Narrator (pre-cursor to Becoming a Voice Actor) course… She maintains a fun and creative learning environment through encouraging everyone to find his or her own voice. She is dynamic, supportive and honest. I thoroughly enjoyed the training and would highly recommend taking the course with her.
Nicole studies with Shelley at Algonquin College

Timothy B.
Shelley provided me with top-notch training as a voice actor. Her years in the business have given her a deep grounding in the methods and principles required to become a success in this competitive field, and she can pass this knowledge on in an engaging way.
Timothy studied with Shelley at Algonquin College and became a coaching client afterward.

From Course Evaluations

Shelley has been very well prepared for the class and has introduced us to two guest speakers “in the business” so far. The class is all that I expected and more!

Great class! Thanks for offering it!

This class was exactly what I had been looking for; an understanding of and practical instruction in voice work. The course gave me the introduction to and guidance on how to pursue voice work. I also feel Shelley really cares about her students and genuinely enjoys teaching. Thank you, Shelley, for all your support and advice!

Vocal Coach

Suzanne S.
[Shelley is] a great coach. It is also motivating to work with someone who is passionate about what they do.
[Shelley] knows her stuff…the business, professional, and is tough but fair. [Her] flexibility allowed me to work in both English and French and she found French scripts for me. [Her] assessment of me at the beginning was as monotone, but with [her] guidance, instruction, and my hard work – it is a lot of work and not easy, great pipes still require a lot of practice. I am very pleased and proud that I just finished my demo. If you put in the effort, you will get a lot out of it.
(Suzanne originally took the Becoming a Narrator course then became a coaching student.)

Voice Actor

Ken Stewart
Executive Producer and President – General Assembly Production Centre Entertainment (G.A.P.C.)
Shelley is great to work with and never has let us down. She is a terrific voice coach, extremely dedicated and is able to easily share her experience, knowledge and skills.
GAPC is Shelley Cohen’s client since 1993.

Brittany Lauzon
Vice President – Commercial on Hold Marketing (COHM INC.)
Shelley Cohen has to be one of the top voice over talents we have had the pleasure of working with over all the years COHM Inc. has been in business. Her knowledge and expertise in the industry makes Shelley an essential part of our team.
COHM has been a client of Shelley’s since 1990.

Dominique Soutif
Owner – Continental Productions and First Stage Talent Agency
Shelley Cohen is a true professional in her field. She is very sensitive to contexts of different narrations and not only can she do, but can also teach it.
Dominique has been Shelley’s Talent Agent since 2000 and client for his company Continental Productions.

Communication Specialist / Writer / Editor

Senior Director
Government Department
I am pleased to recommend Ms. Shelley Cohen for any senior level communications position, as she reported directly to me while working as a Senior Communications Analyst and Writer with Workplace 2.0, the government renewal initiative in Real Property Branch at Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC). Ms. Cohen’s wealth of communications experience, including her resourcefulness and capacity to understand quickly the breadth of the Workplace 2.0 initiative allowed her to conceive and write an initial communications plan in 2011. Without great deal of background on the subject, Ms. Cohen succinctly described the necessary steps required to market and communicate the initiative internally to PWGSC, and externally to other government departments and agencies, as well as to industry. The plan has since become a key tool in moving the initiative forward. She also provided key advice to me, created engaging presentations for reporting to senior management and promoting the initiative to other government departments. She understands the nuances in providing the right information for the right audience.

Business Project Manager
Government Department
Shelley has provided my team with excellent support with her expertise in the area of communications and editing. I can recommend Shelley with total confidence as a knowledgeable, hardworking, reliable individual.

Director (Retired)
Government Department
Shelley has been a valued member of my team…I find her to be a professional, versatile, thoughtful and thorough worker. She was instrumental in an internal survey conducted among Transport Canada’s dispersed outreach community. Shelley also created decks, reviewed marketing plans, met clients, and otherwise provided a variety of support to me and to the team.

I recommend Shelley as a diligent and productive addition to any group. She has a number of excellent skills, works well in a team and takes pride in her work.