June 11, 2023

“Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Shelley is very flexible when it comes to her education methods. She
started off the course by being very delicate and considerate about my feelings when giving criticism. When I
informed her that I would be more responsive to harsh, even brutally honest criticism, she was able to make the
switch and carried on with this style of communication for the remainder of the course. This showed me that she
is not just a professional voice actor imparting knowledge on people who pay for her time, but rather an educator
who genuinely cares about her students’ development. She accommodated my requests to change the timing of
certain sessions and even has backup plans to make up for instances when her students can’t find the time to
complete the script reading for that week. She was honest in her course’s framework by not making any
promises she couldn’t keep. Before starting the course, she informed me that by the end of the course, I should
have a general understanding of the fundamentals of the VA industry which would serve as the foundation for my
development as a voice actor. On that promise, she most certainly delivered. I could not be happier about the
result of this course!”